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Zaklopaca Massacre: Serbs slaughter Bosniak women, children and elderly men

Zaklopaca Massacre Memorial

Zaklopaca is a small village located in the pre-war Vlasenica municipality which bordered with the municipality of Srebrenica [today, Zaklopaca is located in the ‘Serb’ municipality of Milici].

The Zaklopaca massacre occurred more three years before the Srebrenica Genocide, at the time when Serb forces were committing a campaign of ethnic cleansing of the Bosniak civilians in the Srebrenica region. According to the Institute for the Research of Genocide, Canada, at least 63 Bosniak women, men and children were slaughtered in the village by Serb forces. According to Helsinki Watch at least 83 Bosniaks were killed including 11 children and 16 elderly persons.

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January 3, 2011 at 2:42 am