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Serbs Kill more than 60 Bosniak Civilians in Glogova Massacre near Srebrenica

The Glogova massacre was the brutal killing of at least 61 Bosniak civilians by Serb forces near Srebrenica, in the first days of the Bosnian war, more than three years before the Srebrenica genocide. The perpetrators of the Glogova massacre consisted of the Yugoslav People’s Army, Bratunac Territorial Defence (TO) and the police in Bratunac.

On the evening of 8 May 1992 Serb forces, consisting of the Bratunac Territorial Defence (TO) and the police in Bratunac, attacked and partially burn the undefended Bosniak village of Glogova in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a result more than 60 Bosniak civilians from the village were killed and Bosnian Muslim homes, private property, and the mosque were destroyed and a substantial part of Glogova was razed to the ground.

Miroslav Deronjić, then President of the Bratunac Municipal Board of the Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Hague Tribunal for ordering the massacre. During his trial at the Hague, he apologized. Shortly thereafter, he died from cancer.

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January 3, 2011 at 2:27 am