Genocide in Bosnia

Bosnian Genocide, 1992-1995

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First Sarajevo Breadline Massacre, Serbs kill 20, injure 100

“We had to end these negotiations because of these monstrous acts on the part of these [Serb] terrorists.” – Haris Silajdzic,  Bosnia’s foreign minister.

Lodi News-Sentinel
28 May 1992.

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia — The European Community imposed trade sanctions on Serbia on Wednesday to stop its interference in Bosnia, which pleaded for foreign intervention after a gruesome mortar attack on an outdoor market.

At least 20 people were killed and more than 100 wounded when three mortar shells fell Wednesday morning on a market where they were standing in line for bread, said Ejup Ganic, Bosnia’s deputy premier.

The market on Sime Miskin Street was strewn with scores of bleeding people, with corpses and weeping men and women with torn-off limbs.

Sarajevo TV showed an elderly man, still clutching his bread, leaning helplessly against the wall with blood pouring from his face. A women sitting in streams of blood reached out feebly for help. Read the rest of this entry »

Serbs massacre 12, maim 15 women, children and elderly lined up for Sarajevo water

“The Serbs just lure us out of our homes by cutting off the water supplies so they can massacre us… I saw it, heads and limbs flew everywhere. I’ve never seen anything so awful.”

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, p.A3.
13 July 1993.

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (REUTERS) — Serb forces besieging the Bosnian capital lobbed amortar shell onto a group of people lining up for water at a garden pump yesterday, killing 12 and wounding 15, hospital and police officials said.

“The Serbs just lure us out of our homes by cutting off the water supplies so they can massacre us,” sobbed Dervisa Fazlic as doctors dressed a wound in her arm.

“This is our reality. This i not life. But what can be done?” said Visnja Tufekdzic as she grimly cleaned and wrapped the body of two friends, a mother and teen-age daughter, in a cement shack serving as a makeshift morgue.

The afternoon attack, unreported for two hours because a power blackout cut Sarajevo’s phone lines, was the latest episode in a Serb reign of terror in the Bosnian capital. Read the rest of this entry »

Second Sarajevo breadline massacre, Serb attack kills 15, injured 30

By John Pomfret
The Daily Gazette
31 August 1992, p.A1,A3

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — A howitzer shell crashed into a crowded marketplace Sunday, killing at least 15 people and wounding dozens in one of the bloodiest single attacks during the Serbs’ siege of Sarajevo.

Meanwhile, fierce fighting around Gorazde forced U.N. officials to delay plans to dispatch an aid convoy.

Serbs announced Saturday they were lifting their five-month siege of the city southeast of Sarajevo.

“It appears to be extremely dangerous,” said Fred Eckhard, chief spokesman for U.N. operations in former Yugoslavia. He said the convoy might leave on Wednesday.

Gorazde, as the lone government holdout against Serb insurgents in eastern Bosnia-Herzegovina, has been an emotional symbol of the war that began when the majority Bosniaks and Croat voted for independence from Yugoslavia on Feb. 29. As many as 100,000 people have been trapped there. Read the rest of this entry »

President Alija Izetbegovic, "Sarajevo Shall Survive"

“One victims remained alive for several minutes after both legs were cut off by a falling wall. His screams faded into deathly quiet, perspiration covering his face and he was dead by the time he was taken to hospital…”

46 killed, 303 wounded in 24 hours

The Press-Courier
24 August 1992

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — The capital’s defenders suffered heavy casualties in what appeared to be a last-ditch attempt to gain ground before peace talks begin. Bosnia’s president vowed that “Sarajevo shall survive.”

President Alija Izetbegovic told reporters Sunday that his forces had made headway on the west side of the city, where they were trying to reach Sarajevo’s airport, now under U.N. control. But government military officials gave mixed signals. Read the rest of this entry »

Serbs Continue to Slaughter Bosniak Children in Sarajevo

Six children Killed in shelling on Sarajevo

The Southeast Missourian, p.5A
23 January 1994.

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina — The sun glistened on new snow, and after a week of relative quiet in Bosnia’s besieged capital, children were out sledding and skating. Then the shells slammed down Saturday.

Six children died, hospital and morgue workers said. At least three children-suffered serious wounds and one adult was injured.

Parents frantically got their children off the streets. Although there was no sustained bombardment, the Bosniak-led government immediately put the city back on general alert, a warning for people to stay indoors.

In Alipasino Polje, the western Sarajevo neighbourhood where the deaths occurred, witnesses said at least four shells exploded around 1 p.m. Scores of children were outside sledding on snowy hills and skating in the icy streets. Read the rest of this entry »