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Bosnian Genocide, 1992-1995

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More Children Killed in the Besieged Sarajevo, Another Miserable Day in Bosnia

A funeral, a hospital – another miserable day in Sarajevo

By John Daniszewski
The Item, 12 October 1992.
Page 2A

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina – No one at the Children’s Surgery Clinic had the hard to tell Darko Vapetic that his parents wouldn’t be coming.

The eight-year-old boy, lying in a hospital cot after surgery for shrapnel wounds, was calling for his parents. The same Serbian shelling that almost took off Darko’s leg had also killed his parents.

Across town on Sunday, the Islamic faithful buried one of Bosnia’s senior Muslim religious leaders, a 32-year-old imam struck down in the doorway of his house by another shell.

It was a typically miserable day in Sarajevo. Read the rest of this entry »