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Bosnian Genocide, 1992-1995

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Systematic Rape, Weapon of Bosnian Genocide

The 10-year-old who was taken away every night to be raped by soldiers and then returned each morning to her mother. The 17-year-old who was raped in the garden of her home while her mother was being assaulted beside her, then taken to a camp where she was raped by countless men, one of whom impregnated her… ‘While I was still conscious I was raped by eight of them,’ a 15-year-old named Azra told the vice president of a Croatian women’s group. ‘Since I was a virgin, I bled terribly.'”

By Anna Quindlen
St. Petersburg Times
11 March 1993.

Women who have been raped will tell you that it often takes a long time to feel whole again. They will tell you how they took showers over and over, how they kept husbands and boyfriends at arm’s length for months, how they circled the house as night fell, checking the locks and bolts.

And some of them talk of feeling they’ve lost something. A woman who was raped told me once, “I feel like he opened this wound and I bleeded out my whole normal personality, like I was just a shell afterward.”

Certainly that is how some of the women of Bosnia feel today. Perhaps that is how their larger community will appear in the years to come, as a shell afterward, after the systematic and brutal violation of so many women. Read the rest of this entry »

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March 11, 1993 at 5:06 am