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Bosnian Genocide, 1992-1995

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Serbian Myth of Land 'Ownership' of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Special Report

Map of Bosnia, Ethnic Composition of Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992

Peace Proposal Provides Serbs Disproportionate Share of Bosnia

By Amira Dzirlo
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
January/February 1995, Page 16.

The “contact group” draft settlement for Bosnia proposes that the Serbs return to the Bosniaks and Croats about one-third of the Bosnian territory they have occupied. This means that the Serbs would be allowed to keep 49 percent of the territory of Bosnia. These terms have been accepted, reluctantly, by representatives of Bosnia’s Muslims and Croats, but not by the Bosnian Serbs. The unreasonableness of the Serb rejection of the settlement becomes even clearer with a brief review of the history of the Serb land-grab in Bosnia that began during and after World War I.

Among many false Serbian claims in connection with settlement negotiations was the statement that “according to the registry, Serbs own 64 percent of the land of Bosnia-Herzegovina, but they are prepared to return 15 percent of its territory to the Bosniaks out of the total 70 percent which they have captured.”

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