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United States Air Force to Help Bosnian Muslims

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5,000 Bosnian Muslims, including 2,000 children, died of starvation in six besieged enclaves, including Srebrenica and Zepa.


Kentucky New Era, p.5A
25 February 1993.
By Laurinda Keys

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) — First, 600,000 leaflets will flutter down on eastern Bosnia, telling residents about a coming American airdrop. Then, tons of food and medicine will fall from the sky.

Our hope is to watch for presents from heaven,” said Fadil Heljic, a ham radio operator in the besieged town of Zepa.

The Defense Department is not disclosing a starting date for its airdrop into eastern Bosnia, but it was expected to start this weekend. It is intended to help about 300,000 cold, hungry Muslims [Bosniaks] in six enclaves besieged by Serb fighters.

About 5,000 people in those areas, including 2,000 children, have died of hunger and cold this winter, according to unconfirmed reports by the Bosnian government. Read the rest of this entry »

American Serbs Deny Genocide in Bosnia

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By Anthony Lewis
The Vindicator, p. A10
2 November 1993.

BOSTON — A pathetic byproduct of the genocide in Bosnia has been the attempt by some Americans of Serbian ancestry to deny the reality of the Serbian aggression there.

“What’s happening in Bosnia,” Bob Djurdjevic of Phoenix wrote to The New York Times the other day, “is not genocide’… it is a tragedy largely inflicted on the Muslims by their own government.” Read the rest of this entry »

Serbs Force Bosniak Civilians to Assist in Ethnic Cleansing

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Caught Behind the Lines: Bosniaks drafted into Serb army forced to assist in ethnic cleansing

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, p.A4
13 February 1993.

By Dusan Stojanovic

ROZAJE, Yugoslavia — Just about anything bad that has happened to Muslims in Bosnia has happened to Sead Sehovic.

He is blind [photo], his face deformed by an explosion. He has been thrown out of his home and his country. As a Bosniak once forced by Serbs to fight his own people, he worries most about his honor.

“Maybe it’s better I cannot see myself in the mirror. I could not stand the reflection of shame and humiliation that I feel inside,” Sehovic said.

After the fighting erupted last year, rebel Serbs took Sehovic from his village near Trebinje in souther Bosnia and forced him to fight against Croats and his fellow Bosniaks. Read the rest of this entry »

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UN says Serbs guilty of supporting terrorism

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Beaver County Times, p.A4
1 September 1994.

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) – Bosnian Serb leaders are guilty of “state ordained terrorism” in a campaign purging northern Bosnia of thousands of non-Serbs, a U.N. aid official charged today.

Peter Kessler of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, the main U.N. aid agency, said 3,000 Bosniaks had been driven from their homes in Serb-held areas in August alone. Read the rest of this entry »

Bosnian Muslims pressured to baptize during Genocide in Bosnia

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Sun Journal
3 January 1994.

By Barbara Demick
Knight-Rider Newspapers

BIJELJINA, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Two months ago, the police paid an unexpected visit to the home of a Bosniak pediatrician and his wife, a dentist. They had bad news. The city wanted to take over their spacious three-story home for municipal offices.

But the pediatrician also had a surprise for the authorities. He pulled out papers showing that he had legally changed his traditional Bosniak name to a Serbian name. Read the rest of this entry »

Genocide in Bosnia, Chilling Parallels to the Nazis’ attempt to make Europe “Judenrein”

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“Never Again” Applies to Bosnia, too

The Jewish Post & News, p.4
12 August 1992.

Never again! That’s the expression Jewish Holocaust survivors and the rest of world Jewry use when referring to the horrors perpetrated by Nazi Germany.

Never again should anyone stand by, shrug off reports about atrocities committed against other human beings, and claim that it’s not worth intervening.

That’s what happened during the Second World War. Informed of the Nazi killing machine at Auschwitz and other death camps, U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt dismissed the suggestion that U.S. planes bomb the camps. FDR claimed he couldn’t spare any planes for such a task.

Now, a similar situation has arisen in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Serbian nationalists are committing brutal attacks on innocent men, women and children throughout that former Yugoslav state, with the assistance of the Serbian government in Belgrade. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Western Response to the Bosnian Genocide

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West Stands Silent as Bosnian Serbs Wreak Havoc

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel p.10A
4 August 1995.

By George Will

Two years ago, when there were reports that a Bosnian Muslim in a Serbian concentration camp had been forced to bite off his father’s testicles, it was comforting to recall the European tradition of fabricated stories — German soldiers amputating the hands of Belgian nurses in 1914, and so on.

Today, with abundant evidence of rape used as a weapon of war, of Muslims’ eyes gouged out and ears and noses sliced off by Serbian “soldiers” (it is disgusting to give that honorable title to snipers killing Sarajevo children), with testimony about heads on stakes and a woman forced to drink blood from her son’s slit throat, it is reasonable to suspend disbelief concerning all reports about the cowardly mob called the Bosnian Serb “army,” which is a proxy for war criminals in Belgrade. Read the rest of this entry »