Genocide in Bosnia

Bosnian Genocide, 1992-1995

Serbs Massacre at least 47-50 Bosniaks near Sarajevo (Ahatovici massacre)

Ahatovići massacre refers to a massacre committed by the Serbs of at least 47 Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) from the village of Ahatovići, in the municipality of Novi Grad, Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. Note: In 1996, about 50 bodies were exhumed. The following is original reporting of the massacre:

Bosniak Survivors Recount Brutality and Mass Slayings

John F. Burns
June 21, 1992

SARAJEVO, — Toward dusk last Sunday, a bus carrying 56 Muslim Slav [Bosniak] villagers being held hostage by Serbian nationalist troops was halted on a mountainous country road about 10 miles north of Sarajevo.

The hostages, men between 17 and 63 years old, were told that the bus’s radiator had boiled over and that they should lie face-down on the floor while water was fetched from a stream.

According to survivors, the Serbian gunmen then got off the bus, walked 30 yards up a stony hillside and opened fire on the vehicle with a bazooka and automatic weapons.

Grenades Tossed in Bus

As the dead and wounded lay in the bus, the attackers tossed hand grenades among them, according to the survivors’ accounts, which were tape-recorded in a hospital in Tuzla, 80 miles north of Sarajevo, and then played over the telephone to reporters in Sarajevo.

Of the 56 hostages, 47 men, all from the community of Ahatovici seven miles northwest of Sarajevo, were said to have been killed. According to an official list provided by a Bosnian Government agency, the Bureau of War Crimes, and confirmed by relatives of the survivors who were interviewed in Sarajevo, 13 of the men came from a single family named Mujkic, including Eldin Mujkic, who was 17.

The raid was one of a growing number of attacks across this newly independent state that have drawn comparisons among survivors and in human rights organizations with the killing of civilians in Nazi-occupied Europe.

Witnesses and human rights groups say the incidents in the current fighting, mainly but not exclusively the work of Serbian nationalist groups, have included the rape and other abuse of women; the cutting of captives’ throats, and in some cases, those of small children, and the herding of as many as 46 people at a time into barns, houses and other buildings, and setting them afire. And in a case reported today from the village of Vranjak in Sarajevo’s northwestern outskirts, in an incident earlier this week Muslim Slav children were said to have been stabbed and nailed to trees.

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