Genocide in Bosnia

Bosnian Genocide, 1992-1995

A Group of 70 Bosniak Civilians Burned Alive by Serbs (14 June 1992)

Face of Evil: Bosnian Serb Milan Lukic was a leader of the paramilitary group responsible for burning to death Bosniak civilians in Visegrad during the Bosnian genocide (1992-95)

On 6 April 1992 units from the Yugoslav People’s Army (“JNA”) began bombarding the town of Višegrad (adjoining municipality south of Srebrenica) and its environs with artillery.Višegrad is located close to the Serbian border. The bombardment predominantly affected Muslim neighbourhoods and villages.

Once the JNA left on 19 May 1992, local Serb leaders, police and paramilitaries began of the most notorious campaigns of ethnic cleansing, rapes, and massacres in the conflict. Thousands of Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) men, women, and children were killed and dumped around the town or brought to the historic Ottoman bridge, killed and dumped in the River Drina.

Many Bosniak civilians who were not immediately killed were detained at various locations in the town, as well as former JNA military barracks. Those detained were kept in inhumane conditions, subjected to regular beatings and systematic rapes. Many detained Bosnian Muslim civilians were used as slaves, for strenuous forced-labour projects.

On 14 June 1992, Serb police and paramilitary forces – led by Milan Lukic – detained a group of 70 unarmed Bosnian Muslim women, children and elderly from the village of Koritnik. They took them to Jusuf Memic’s house on Pionirska Street, where they strip searched them and robbed them at gunpoint. Women and underage girls were taken away and brutally raped.

Later in the evening, the group of victims was transferred to the nearby house of Adem Omeragic. They were locked into a ground-floor room. All exits from the house were barricaded. The carpet was soaked in kerosene.

Serbs then placed a lighted explosive device in the room and the device ignited an intense fire when it exploded. Serbs shot at the windows of the house preventing people from escaping. Bosnian Muslim victims died in excruciating pain as their skin melted in the flame of fire. Men, elderly, women, children, even babies. They burned alive. They burned to death.

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