Genocide in Bosnia

Bosnian Genocide, 1992-1995

The 1992 Hambarine Massacre near Prijedor, Bosnia

Hambarine massacre 1992 (Bosnian Genocide)The attacks on the Bosnian Muslim village of Hambarine in May of 1992, coupled with the arrests, detention, rapes, and ethnic cleansing and massacres of civilians in the Prijedor, resulted in virtually a complete elimination of Bosnian Muslims from the municipality of Prijedor.

In Tadic Judgement, paragraph 466, we find that Serbs practiced Nazi-style techniques of terror over Bosniak and Croat population in the municipality of Prijedor:

Hambarine massacre 1992 (Bosnian Genocide)“Those who remained were required to wear white armbands to distinguish themselves and were continuously subject to harassment, beatings and worse, with terror tactics being common. Non-Serbs in the municipality Prijedor were subjected to gross abuses….”

In Stakic Judgement, para.630, we find that “thousands of citizens of Prijedor municipality passed through one or more of the tree main detention camps, Omarska, Keraterm and Trnopolje, established in towns of Omarska, Prijedor and Trnopolje respectively.

On 22 May 1992, Serb authorities of Prijedor issued an ultimatum on Radio for the Bosniak residents of Hambarine and the surrounding villages to surrender to the Prijedor authorities, so they can be deported to one of established concentration camps for ‘questioning.’

Hambarine massacre 1992 (Bosnian Genocide)The ultimatum warned that failure to do so by noon the following day would result in an attack on Hambarine. The following day, Serb forces attacked Hamabrine. After several hours of shelling by artillery, armed Serbs (Chetniks) entered the area supported by tanks and other weaponry and committed a massacre. They arrested and lined up at least 50 Bosnian Muslim civilians and machine-gunned them. Hundreds of other villagers were arrested, their hands were tied, beautiful women were separated and brutally raped for months, while the rest of population was sent to one of three main concentration camps in the area.

Hambarine massacre 1992 (Bosnian Genocide)Many villagers found safety by fleeing to other villagers or to the Kurevo woods to escape the massacre. The mosque in Hambarine was destroyed.

A second attack on Hambarine occurred on or around 1 July 1992 when Serbs shot and killed between 100 and 150 Bosnian Muslim civilians from Hambarine. In Gomjenica village, the Serb soldiers rounded up Bosniak civilians and took them to the Zeger bridge. They started to kill people and threw their bodies into the Sana river. The 1992 Hambarine massacre is part of the Bosnian genocide.

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