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“They Forced me to Tear Off Their Testicles with my Teeth”

Serb Guard Arrested on Genocide Charges

The Michigan Daily
16 February 1994.

BONN, Germany — The federal prosecutor’s office announced Monday the arrest of one of the most notorious guards at a Bosnian-Serb concentration camp on charges of complicity in genocide against Bosnian Muslims [Bosniaks].

Dusan ”Dule” Tadic, a cafe owner and karate teacher, is alleged by witnesses to have murdered hundreds of inmates at Omarska camp. Police arrested him Saturday in Munich, Germany, as he emerged from a hideaway where he had been living for several months. He was dressed in a jogging suit, accompanied by his brother, who lives in Munich, and apparently was taken by surprise. Bavarian police had staked out the street, and a special squad of 15 officers seized him.

Newsday first reported about systematic killings at Omarska and other camps in Serb-controlled northern Bosnian in August 1992. The Bosnian Serbs subsequently closed Omarska, an open-pit iron ore mine, and freed most of the prisoners. The U.S. government estimates that Serbs killed as many as 5,000 Muslim [Bosniak] and Croat prisoners there, nearly half the approximately 11,000 who passed through the camp.

It was Tadic who ordered a prisoner to castrate three fellow detainees, according to the testimony of survivors. All three men died of loss of blood and other injuries.

“They forced me to tear off their testicles with my teeth, so I tore off their testicles with my teeth. They were screaming with pain, and they put lubricant in their mouths at first, pierced their lips with wire, but they were still screaming,” Emin Jakubovic said in an interview on a recent German television documentary. He identified the two men who gave the orders from photographs shown in the film.

“The was the one in camouflage uniform, Dule Tadic, and Miso Radulovic, Tadic was the owner of a cafe in our town, in Kozarac,” he said.

This was the first time in post-World War II German history that judicial authorities had launched a court case against a foreign national for mass killings in his own country, spokesperson Rolf Hannich said. It was also the first time any European government had announced the arrest of a suspected killer in the Serb-sponsored “ethnic cleansing” that followed the Serbs’ conquest of norther Bosnia-Herzegovina. And it appears to be the first time that a judicial authority has determined that genocide was committed in Bosnia.

The federal prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe said Tadic was being held on suspicion of “complicity of genocide, murder and causing grievous bodily harm.” He will be tried following charges under the German criminal code, Hannich said.

The official statement did not say how many prisoners Tadic is suspected of killing.

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