Genocide in Bosnia

Bosnian Genocide, 1992-1995

JEWISH POST: Holocaust Survivor on Bosnian Muslims and Jews

Remember and Protest War Crimes in Bosnia

Jewish Post, p.4
2 December 1992.

A Muslim people are targeted for extinction, and the West turns away. There is no rationalizing this brutal immorality.

To compare Bosnia and the Holocaust is to invite angry disagreement from some Jewish critics who correctly see the Holocaust as a unique evil, an unprecedented descent into hell. But the uniqueness of the Holocaust does not diminish the force of powerful parallels that do exist between these two tragedies, and no one should understand these commonalities better than the Jews.

To be sure, Hitler’s obsession with the total eradication of the Jews of Europe (and of the world, if he could have had his way) and the crematoria of the concentration camps, the Nazis’ method of choice for achieving their goal, are not elements in the Serbian violence against Bosnia’s Muslims. But virtually everything else is, including the cynical and total abandonment of Bosnia’s Muslims by the West to certain slaughter or expulsion.

Surely President Clinton and Secretary of State Warren Christopher know what journalists reporting from the Balkans have known for some time: that the current negotiations in Geneva to carve Bosnia into ‘ethnic states’ for Serbs, Croats and Muslims are, like the negotiations to implement the Vance-Owen plan: a ruse, disguising the real goal of Serbs and Croats to extinguish Bosnia as a state and to kill or drive into exile all of its Muslim inhabitants.

In the face of this massive calamity-in-the-making–its outcome can hardly be in doubt, given our perverse insistence on observing an arms embargo that denies Bosnia’s Muslims arms to defend themselves while the Serb militias are fully supplied–Christopher’s assurance that the United States will go along with whatever plan the three parties agree to is cruelly irrelevant and morally obscene.

What we are witnessing is the West’s total abandonment of Bosnia’s Muslims to the destruction programmed for them. It is as complete and as cynical an abandonment as that of the Jews in World War II. The notion that America and its allies are helpless to do anything about this human and political disaster is a palpable lie. It is as believable as the argument that European countries and America could do nothing to help the Jews in the 1930s, even while those governments were turning away from their shores shiploads of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany.

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December 8, 2010 at 9:59 pm

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