Genocide in Bosnia

Bosnian Genocide, 1992-1995

Israel Offers Help to Bosnian Muslims

Bush demands inspections; Israel offers aid

8 August 1992.

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Bush vowed Friday that he would not rest until Serbian-run prison camps were opened to outside inspection, but he stopped short of threatening to bomb Serbian positions and targets to gain access.

On the question of military action to keep relief supplies flowing, which the United States is pressing the United Nations to authorize, Bush insisted that any U.S. involvement must be part of a U.N. effort. But the British and the French are both resisting a United Nations authorization vote.

Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin said Friday that Jews who remember the Holocaust are particularly horrified by the detention camps in Bosnia, and offered humanitarian aid to the prisoners.

“We, the Jews, are more sensitive than anybody else – these pictures, these stories remind us of the greatest tragedy in the history of the Jewish people, the Holocaust.”

“Even though it’s on a very small scale, as it looks now, we have to do the utmost to convince others to do what should be done. We on our part are sending humanitarian assistance,” he said.

“It must not happen that the world will sit silent, especially the European Community, as this happens on the threshold of their home,” he said.

The newly elected Rabin is scheduled to meet early next week with President Bush, hoping to obtain administration approval for a $10 billion loan guarantee to help settle Soviet immigrants.

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