Genocide in Bosnia

Bosnian Genocide, 1992-1995

Arms Embargo on Bosnia: UN Abeting Muslim Genocide in Europe

By Janan M. Najeeb
The Milwaukee Journal, p A8.
13 November 1993.

The west did not destroy Bosnia. The Serbs did, while the West kept the Bosnians disarmed and barred others from coming to their rescue. That according to Rep. Frank McCloskey, has been abetment of mayhem. By keeping the arms embargo on Bosnia, said the Indiana Democrat during a House debate on the crisis, “we have intervened on the side of genocide.”

Any nation has the right to self-defense. This is guaranteed in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter. When the United States and UN recognized Bosnia-Herzegovina as a country, that also meant that its fundamental right to self-defense must be guaranteed.

The reality is that the Bosnians lack arms, and the Serbians have the entire stockpile of the former Yugoslavia at their disposal. This arms stockpile was once owned by the fifth largest army in the world. We have forced the Muslims to stand naked in the face of aggression.

Morality, humanity and justice are no longer characteristics to be upheld. We live in a world that counts the mighty and even the wicked, but never the weak. In a world where strength is the only sure guarantee for the survival of innocent children, women and men, it is a crime to be weak.

Even mass resignations within the State Department, in protest of US “non-policy,” have failed to move the US to a more just policy. “Wrenching humanitarian indignation” was offered as a reason for aides’ quitting prestigious careers.

Every morning the cables came. One report out of thousands: A 9-year-old Muslim girl, raped by Serbian militia, was left to lie in her blood. Helpless, behind a fence, her parents watched — for two days. It took the little girl two days to die.

The UN has proved to be the most corrupt organization in the world. Is it only acceptable to unite the nations of the world and declare war when oil is at stake? Or do we only flex our muscle and show our might when starving Somalis are the target? Many UN soldiers have been killed at the hands of the Serbs. Why have the UN and US not been motivated to hunt down the Serbian warlord with the same fervor and hatred given to Somalia’s Mohamed Farah Aidid?

Many Muslim countries have offered their soldiers: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Jordan, Turkey and Iran. The UN has failed to accept any. It is not necessary for us to send our American boys to fight in the name of justice. But it is inhumane to tie the hands of the Bosniak people.

The Bosnian foreign minister Haris Silajdzic said it best: “We would prefer doing it [defending] ourselves, but for that we need arms. The arms embargo is what is humiliating. The humiliation is to be slaughtered like an animal and not be able to defend yourself like a man.”

For Muslims around the world, this is no longer seen as an ethnic war. Call it what it is — this is a crusade! It is a crusade by the “valiant knights of Orthodox Christianity” setting new standards for bravery. No longer are the Serbs the only aggressors. The Croats have joined the crusade to obliterate any Muslim entity in Europe.

Where are the true men and women of God? Where aer the followers of the Nazarene Christ?

Written by genocideinbosnia

November 13, 1993 at 4:21 am

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